Three steps to generate organic traffic

Dear Customer,

We've always believed one of the things any online campaign should do is generate organic traffic in the form of word of mouth referrals, social media shares and so on. I’ll be the first to admit engaging people that way has not always been easy to accomplished for local businesses, however, we knew we had to figure out a way to really take advantage of what the new age of internet marketing has to offer for local business and services such as yours.

As your marketing partner, we take seriously our job to improve your online ads. We have analyzed data from our clients to find out how many referrals we get from our campaigns, sadly we don't find evidence that advertising messages are being shared by anyone other than the company and their advertising channels.

According to the book The Media Handbook by Helen Katz, Internet advertising is described as having three levels; the first is called Paid Advertising, then Owned Media and finally Earned Media. By understanding these concepts we can see a clearer path to get the Organic Traffic we all wish to have.

I'll briefly describe our proposed strategy in this post...


1. Track conversion rates from online campaigns

Currently, businesses can attract qualified leads by advertising on channels such as Facebook and Google, however once leads are generated on their website it isn’t clear which is the path that person took in order to become your prospect unless you asked them directly but of course that is not a very efficient way.

Tracking conversion from multiple channels is important:

  • To avoid not knowing where traffic was generated we can start to track the conversion of paid ads you are running. 
  • If we wish to create a viral campaign we need to learn and readjust the campaign to match your client's preferences. 
  • Paid ads are the perfect way to test and measure your campaign because you are paying for qualified people to visit your website.

This is also a good time to perform any other primary research such as surveys, direct interviews and so on.

Once we find out what motivates your consumer base we can readjust your campaign to offer things that really matter to them.


2. Start an affiliate network

We all know the cost of new client acquisition (NCA) can get very expensive through paid advertising. This is why we need to develop a system to get people to recommend your services to the people they know.

By offering referral incentives we start reducing your NCA and producing “Owned Media,” campaigns and advertising messages that are shared by affiliate partners who benefit by earning referral commissions from promoting your services directly to their customer base.

Many internet companies that have become huge actually started by building their affiliate networks, this is because they knew that in order to reach more people organically they had to have people, other than themselves or their advertisers, to promote and share their message. The reasons companies choose building an affiliate network in addition to paid advertising are the opportunity for more visibility for their brand name and increasing the chances of shaping positive consumer attitudes. 



3. Offer incentives and track client referrals

We are launching a system that makes it very easy to track anytime someone refers your business with their contacts, this system works very much the same way many internet companies function nowadays (e.i. after a client makes a purchase on a website they offer a promotion code). This promotion could be in a form of one free sample, or in the case of service providers, it could be for one free service.

Remember that you're only offering these promotions to people who are already your clients so it's more than likely that you want them to use your services more than once. By giving a Freebie to people that are already your clients, you are giving a small incentive for getting new clients to your door.

We believe this is a perfect win-win scenario and a great opportunity for you because the truth is you may not find many businesses here in El Paso Texas that are doing this. But as traditional media becomes more outdated and internet marketing becomes more localized you can start reaching your audience and position your business as a trusted service.

important notice

We’re in the process to unveil our new referral system, please reach out to us and ask us any questions you may have.

In the meantime I’d like to take this opportunity to ask you a few questions;

  1. For your business, what is the approximately cost of new client acquisition?
  2. What type of promotions do you think your business could offer?
  3. What are the most pressing concerns you have about starting an affiliate network with local partners?


Daniel Garcia

Marketing Consultant and founder of Borderleads Marketing. Get in touch with him at n-v+8fb689-98O37+u3z+v777LH88PI@nospam or call (915)667-3280