Dear customer,

We’ve have talked about the cost of getting one client through online advertising, and that we need to find a new way to reach more people and get you more qualified leads.

This is why we decided to start an Affiliate Network, which is another word for a referral program.

Through this program, you will be able to see which of your online promotions bring more clients to your door by:

  1. Tracking conversion of all your online campaigns

  2. Offering Affiliate Partners referral incentives everytime they bring you leads

But wait, this is not all

We’re not only adding a new program our clients can use, we’re also stepping forward to serve  our customers every day with promotion and brand management services.

Our Account Management services will help your business be on top of the conversation

  • By answering to prospects on social media comments and messages

  • Replying to messages of contact forms and online chats

  • By managing affiliate relations

All this to get people to see your message in many more places and get you more clients.

Get in touch with me to talk about starting your affiliate program.


Daniel Garcia

Marketing Consultant and founder of Borderleads Marketing. Get in touch with him at nPj98vX58Nz+8+74+e7w+f3477L-8-E@nospam or call (915)667-3280