Borderleads Affiliate Network


We’ve have talked about the cost of getting one client through online advertising, and that we need to find a new way to reach more people and get you more qualified leads. This is why we decided to start an Affiliate Network, which is another word for a referral program.

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Three steps to generate organic traffic


Track conversion rates from online campaigns. We all know the cost of new client acquisition (NCA) can get very expensive through paid advertising. This is why we needed to develop a system to get people to recommend your services to the people they know.

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Announcement to clients


Dear Customer,

We have been working on the release of our new platform called “Borderleads Network”, this platform will allow us to track leads coming from all your internet marketing channels, (Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Email campaigns, Banner Ads, etc…)

Now you may have a few questions about the value of this new platform, please allow me to answer a few of them here.

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