Announcement to clients

Dear Customer,


We have been working on the release of our new platform called “Borderleads Network”, this platform will allow us to track leads coming from all your internet marketing channels, (Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Email campaigns, Banner Ads, etc…)


Now you may have a few questions about the value of this new platform, please allow me to answer a few in this email.


Why do we need to have a better way to track leads?

This program will help you in better understand your Customer Acquisition Costs, and Return Of Investment so you can have more control over what you spend on Advertising and Direct Sales Promotions.


There are additional perks of this program but we’ll talk more about that in coming updates.


Are there any additional costs to use it?

As an active member of our community, you will have complete access to our new platform free of charge and our team will set up your running campaigns on the platform so we can start collecting better data.


When is the program going to be released?

As of right now, we are working on the final steps for launching this platform, we will also be having a conference prior to the launch to demonstrate and answer all questions you may have. We’d love for you to reserve the time and be at this conference as it will be a good opportunity for networking with all our clients.


How is this program going to help me grow my business?

Our goal is to help local business owners reach their target audience and generate more qualified leads. But we don’t want to stop there, by using this new platform we trust our clients will be able to get more word-of-mouth referrals and position their business as the leading ranking business in town.


Visit our website to find more updates on the Borderleads Network Launch and do please share it with your friends that need this for their own business and services.


Daniel Garcia

Marketing Consultant and founder of Borderleads Marketing. Get in touch with him at geXg7+jk7cHj7vPl5PPt5ODl8q-i7uw@nospam or call (915)667-3280